Cydia iOS 11.1.2- Everything you need to know

On the last 16th of November, the Apple engineers have unveiled their second minor update to the iOS 11.1 chapter. On the ground, they recommend for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users to upgrade their device to this latest chapter if they are with an eligible device. So, have you upgrade your device, or still, you haven’t the decision for that? of course, sometimes, I think you may not ready to reach for the chapter. Yeah, the jailbreak fans are waiting to gain the access to Cydia iOS 11.1.2. Are you too eager to know more about that? Fine, here let wee go to know more about the related facts.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2

Yes, of course, we know that the Cydia users long time period remain with the Yalu jailbreak utility. Anyhow, recently there was a new utility available for the 10.2.1 iteration called Saigon jailbreak. And this is the remaining latest jailbreak utility in the moment. So, we can see there were several chapters remaining in the community without having the access to Cydia download. On the ground can we hope an iOS 11.1.2 jailbreak in soon?

What is with iOS 11.1.2 download?

As all of us know, Apple developers offer the huge iPhone X to the public to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the iPhone line. So, at the beginning of the month they have shipped the product and now the uses have the access to enjoy its features. But after few days, we could able to found some matters related to the iPhone X. So, the Apple developers have focused to overcome from them and release the second minor update to the public. Based on that, according to the release note, they have flattened the remaining bugs.

Yeah, after rapid temperature drops, the iPhone X screen becomes unresponsive to touch temporarily. So, with this, the bud has been solved. Moreover, there was an issue related to distortions in the iPhone X captures live Photos and videos. It has also, fixed with the minor update. Therefore, it seems the latest iOS 11.1.2 download is a must update for the iPhone X users. But if you are a Cydia fan, it is better for you to stay back from it.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2

Accessibility for Cydia iOS 11.1.2

Fine, now when we consider the Cydia community, there were lots of Cydia lovers without having the access to enjoy Cydia download with iOS 11. Of course, as we know, the iOS hackers demonstrate iOS 11 jailbreak several times. But unfortunately, none of them became the public as final iOS 11 jailbreak utility. And recently the iOS hacker Liang Chen, member of the Keen team demoed for Cydia iOS 11.1.1, with iPhone X. Of course, according to the demo, prove that the latest iPhone X jailbreak is a possible fact. And when we focused to gather more facts related to the demo, it seems Liang will not ready for any final iPhone X jailbreak. On the ground, as like the previous, this too an evidence to prove the breakability of the 11th iteration.

Who will be with Cydia iOS 11.1.2?

When we have a look back at the Cydia community, there were several iOS hackers with several jailbreak utilities. among them, the Italian hacker Luca is the prominent hacker in past 10th chapter for his Yalu 10.2. Of course, at the beginning of the year due to any reason he has left the Cydia community. However recently he has found the “WebKit” exploit for 11th chapter. But due to his withdrawn, we can’t guess he will be with future utility or not. Moreover, in this time with the iOS 11 jailbreak, we can see the Keen team got more customer attention. But they too haven’t focus to offer a final iOS 11 jailbreak utility.

Cydia iOS 11.1.2

But nothing to worry, till now we can’t guess, what will really happen. Of course, sometimes, there will be the newest hacker with Cydia iOS 11.1.2. On the ground, we need to allow more time to the hackers and see what will happen in future.

Cydia iOS 11.1.1- Everything you need to know

This is the 10th anniversary of the Apple iPhone line. On the ground to celebrate it the quick-witted apple developers have offered the newest product. And of course, it was the huge release of the September event. Anyhow, they took more time to shipped the iPhone and at the beginning of the month the iOs users got success to enjoy the features of it. But as a pleasure to the jailbreak community after few days it cames to live the hackers prove that iPhone X is a jailbreak friendly one. And with that, it too proves the Cydia iOS 11.1.1 is a possible task. So, have you familiar with it? OK, then here we go to have more about it.

Cydia iOS 11.1.1

Yeah, after the iOS 11 iteration release to the public, they haven’t stopped with that. Of course, they have offered the first major update to the public after few week of the massive update. And at the beginning of the month November they have offered the first minor update of the iOS 11.1 chapter. Yeah, it was released after one week of iOS 11.1 and has addressed some bugs. Yeah, the auto-correction in Keyboard and in some occasion the Hey Siri randomly stopped working problems has solved now.

Therefore, if any iOS lover with any of those above-mentioned troubles they can upgrade their devices to the first iOS 11.1 minor update. However, before few days, Apple developers have offered the iOS 11.1.2 chapter to the public with another bug fixes. Moreover, Currently, Apple engineers focusing for the upcoming second major update. But as a Cydia lover, it is better for you to stay away from those updates till you get the chance to Cydia iOS 11.

Cydia iOS 11.1.1

Cydia iOS 11.1.1 demoed by Keen team

Exactly, we know that at the beta stage of the 11th iteration, the iOS hackers pay attention to it. And time to time with several demos they have proved that the iOS 11 is a jailbreak friendly version. Anyhow, they haven’t focused to work towards for a final iOS 11 jailbreak utility. That’s why Cydia users need to wait for an iOS 11 jailbreak utility. And recently hackers got success to jailbreak iPhone X with the iOS 11.1.1 chapter. So, with that, we can have an idea that the Cydia iOS 11.1.1 is a possible task. So, have you familiar with the latest demo? Fine, if not here I have mentioned it in a brief note.

At the beginning of the iOS 11 jailbreak, the Keen team is the most familiar name for the jailbreak fans. Of course, they are with most of the jailbreak demos. And when we consider the latest iOS 11.1.1 jailbreak, it is too one of their task. After few days of the first minor update to the 11.1 chapter release the iOS hacker Liang Chen, the member of Keen team demoed iPhone X jailbreak. Yeah, this was unveiled in the POC2017 event, held in Seoul, South Korea. Therefore, according to the demo, guess that he too used a semi-untethered jailbreak method.

Cydia iOS 11.1.1 release date

Finally, based on the recent demo, now most of the Cydia users keep hope for an upcoming Cydia download iOS 11.1.1 utility. anyhow,m according to the remaining facts, we can’t guess that Chen will work for a final jailbreak utility. Yeah, guess, that he too focused to prove that, iPhone X jailbreak is a possible task. On the ground, we can hope it in future. But not sure it is based on this demo. And I think that you remembered there was a mumble related to the “WebKit exploit” for iOS 11 from the prominent Italian hacker Luca Todesco. So, it seems, that the iOS 11 jailbreak is a possible task. Therefore, let us allow more time to the hackers and see what will happen in future.

Cydia iOS 11.1.1

So, till the latest iOS 11 jailbreak utility enters into the public and you got the chance to Enjoy Cydia iOS 11.1.1, you can enjoy the latest Cydia apps and tweaks with your jailbroken iDevice. And stay tuned with us to have more fresh updates.