iTools Download – All in one Solution for iOS Management

For those who are love upgrading the firmware essentially need education on how to keep the whole iOS management flawlessly. And for that, it is definitely the call for iTools Download as the closest alternative to iTunes, the Apple’s official way. So let us now see how iTools going to work for all in one iOS management supporting iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in your hand.

iTools Download

Although you know it is the purpose of iTunes by Apple to keep all iOS management clean, for various reasons it finds irritating. In fact, there is a lot of complications you meet with iTunes which offers in aiming the advanced user. So it makes us looking for an alternative option for the same need of iOS management via desktop. But once you find iTools in the right place, things will be easier as it is made of all good in iTunes in the addition of some more. For the most noticeable fact, you will be comfortable for the fullest in work with iTools, free of time to time updates, built in ads, configurations and etc.

Note: iTools work for both jailbroken and none-jailbroken devices. And in case if you are with Cydia Download privileges in the current firmware on the handset, you can work with some more advanced application from Cydia in target iOS management

iTools Download for Windows and Mac

iTools is a desktop application which you cannot take all alone on the smart device. So from the look to all its function, you will be able to feel like working with iTunes but in a simpler and comfortable way. In fact, it is true that iTools is with iTunes inspiration for why it calls the closest alternative to Apple’s iTunes.

You can work with Free iTools Download on Mac and Windows. And if I state in detail, iTools supports Windows XP, Windows Vista to Windows 10 while requesting Mac OS X 10.7 or above for the Macintosh operating system.  And in the compatibility, it goes well in both iTools Windows and iTools for Mac making the tool used for a majority.

iTools version 4.0 Updated

iTools Download

iTools getting updates regularly in order to make the program working more into the public. And at the moment, it is the chapter of iTools 4.0, carrying the best compatibility for latest firmware iOS 11. Additionally, there is a lot of interesting feature upgrades with iTools latest. It is making you feel that you have made the right decision to Download iTools in the purpose of iOS management. So let us look for iTools iOS 11 Features here in brief.

  •  Super backup and restore assistance
  • Complete data migration
  • All kinds of media handling
  • Desktop management via Mac or iTools for Windows
  • Firmware upgrades and downgrade
  • Exclusive battery management feature to keep the eye on battery status
  • Image tool to preview images with original resolution and get more editing features
  • Customization options including Ringtone maker
  •  Icon arranger to make handling with iOS icons
  • All kind of file management with special file explorer feature
  • AirPlayer for the best screen experience and more

So at a glance, iTools Download provides the complete management need for an iPhone, iPad and iPod. And it also comes with all firmware and device support. So you have the freedom to get with right iTools version and make the work as usual. But remember, there will be no more time for hassle as iTools is 100% free and user supportive. So enjoy time with best iOS management.