Cydia Download – Top tweaks for Lock Screen

Though we do not have any update with reference to upcoming jailbreak launch, there is a long list of tweaks to converse. If you are below iOS 10.2.1, it is glad to recall that you are blessed to delight in these throughout Cydia download on your jailbroken iPhone.

It was the fifth beta of 11.2 and that going to be the hottest deal of the Company. The episode has been planned to drop with newly arranged ones including person-to-person Apple Payment system. Hope to triumph jailbreak iOS 11.2 besides in the near future. Check our foregoing reports for more about its plan of attack.

Best tweaks for Lock Screen from Cydia download

Here is the list we arranged that anyone who is with Cydia download can grab right away. Since these are just a few, you can count more Lock Screen related Cydia tweaks from the app store as well.

ColorFlow 3

cydia download

This is a simple app but comes in an interesting way. Its key responsibility is to colorize your display, meta data, music controls plus page dots too in some sessions.

Calendar for Lockscreen 2

This will arrange all your coming events orderly with or without the Lock.

CustomLockScreen Duration

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This is the tweak that let you arrange sleep timer to maintain Lock screen alert for a long period than frequent.


This is an interesting way for those individuals who are not applied Touch ID. Since it is the common manner that passcode screen comes into view after each respring. So, CanYouLikeNot will be there to modify it for you.

DisplayWeather 10

cydia download

Those who want to have weather information always on their Notification panel and the display like to install DisplayWeather 10.


Once you install this, your iPhone or iPad will start showing the animation of Apple Pay fingerprint reader instead of often Lockscreen.


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This is a feature that able to change your Lock screen creating a couple of pages through. Note-taking UI, control system, web browser and a toggle will be there that are influential.


Want to modify the way your Lockscreen look when it plays music? Then the LocMusic is one of best Cydia tweaks that open a wide screen for you.

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This is exclusive for everyone who likes to keep their beloved iDevices in a simple manner. This will arrange all information that displays on the screen taking a wide space.


cydia download

And PassButtonStyle is the next. Using this, you can arrange a couple of type’s key patterns on your Touch ID.


Spin10 is to change the current appearance of the screen in a better manner.


cydia download

Throughout Temporal, you are able to check all world clocks that you arranged at once.


TapticPasscodeButtons is an exciting one for everyone loves to get a haptic response. It will react always behind your clicks on the Passcode keys.


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WeatherLock is another that many of you will probably love to have on your jailbroken iPhone. It will arrange a wallpaper in accordance with the details that taken from your weather app. So it will change periodically according to changes in every time.